Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Things don't always go as planned

As I grow old I started learning that things don't always go as planned.

Recently I had an incident that made me learn even harder.

So, in SJ down town there is a water fountain thing where kids can play.

Ya! this thing!!

And I was there with my 2-year-old razor scooter!

And there was a thing I always wanted to do, so I gave it a try!! 
It should have went as I planned,,,,

Which my plan was

So, I am going over the fountain with my scooter so I don't get wet.

It's like this in front view.

As you see in the picture, The water supposed to split in half while I'm going through so I don't get wet at all!!!

And this is the result!!!! 


I gotta ask physics teacher or something....

but as I was looking at the video, I realized that I went in to water before the water drops, so my scooter is actually stopping water for a split second. I was sort of right!!!!!

but I had to go to work wet that day... Thanks to the California's weather, I got dried by the time I got to work...

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