Friday, March 26, 2010

Character Model Sheets.

You know what,,, I just figured I spelled Turnaround, wrong. It says Trunaround.... nooo.

These are the character model sheets for my short film for ART115.

The story is so simple.

5 guys wants to go to beach!!!! that's it!



Thursday, March 11, 2010


1st assignment of the semester, from 3D animation class.

It's not done so well. but I hope I can become a better animator through this course.

Assignment was to do 180 degree turn. No facial expression. Just body movement.

Our instructor, Raquel is such a great animator.
She knows what she is teaching, and her critique helps a lot.

I'm so glad she is teaching us.

animation sketchbook

An assignment for the biggining of the semester.
Animation Sketchbook.

We had to create some kinda animation within a week.
We could use any method, medium,, it can have story, can be abstract.
It could be anything as long as it's animated.

I did pencil test..

I really love Japanese summer.
It's really an enchanting season.