Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blocking for AnimSquad

Haha, it's been a long time since my last blog post.
Mainly I was busy posting stuff here on my animation blog in Japanese.

I wrote it there too, but I felt there aren't many hits when you search in Japanese when I look for some animation blogs and such, unlike in English where you get tons and tons of great stuff out there on the Internet from students to professionals.

So, I was like "Why don't I just make one!"

Well Anyway, enough about my Japanese blog.

I decided to take an online course at AnimSquad.  So that I can learn some good stuff about Acting in Animation. And the first class was great :)

And yesterday was my first class. and I thought it would be nice to share the notes from my instructor, Malcon Pierce(Superviser on Frozen, animated on Tangled,Wreck-it-Ralph, Big Hero 6 to name few )

Since I often learn a lot by looking at someone else being critiqued, I thought looking at notes he gave on my blocking could be useful to some people out there? Well anyway, Here it is. (There might be lots of typos btw!)

It's summarized version of the notes I took but here is the feedback from Malcon

-Try to get your first pose(first frame) very appealing.
-It has really good energy.
-Too much up and downs(as in movement) a bit overload
-So much going on in the audio, so try not to do too much in animation.
-however, it has really good energy, so try to keep that intensity and the energy but put that in her face.
-Hang on to a good pose while she says "YOU"
-Try to simplify.
-Make sure the beats are clear.
- There are 3 main phrazes.
Yelling- Starting to talk to the other person which turns into mockng- Internal(4? )
-There is a lot of energy already in the dialogue, so don't over do it.
-Let the dialogue support you.
-This dialogue has an only one tone all theway, but, it has different inflections(Yell, Explain, Mocking, Stepping out)
-Her poses feel very symmetrycal (up to where she starts pointing)
-Keep in mind, try to incorporate more twist in the body
-Usually pointing is kinda cliche but I like this pointing (because its' specific?)
-So really dicect that beats and try to take a controll of your animation.

I might have missed some things he said, but my notes are all over the place . I might watch the recorded(i hope?) session again to go over his notes again.

And I will be revising this blocking keeping these in my mind.

Happy animating!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Anim Jam

So few animators from my school in the area, got together.
And did this thing, Anim Jam
The purpose was to animate something (hopefully same theme or same topic?)in person, to shear the knowledge and get feed backs etc.

It was the first session so we simply did a run cycle.

We spent too much time setting up rigs, and talking before even started to animate.

So there weren't so much time but got some decent Run cycle.

(though I didn't have enough time to animate arms. )

It was very fun so I wanna do it again!

Friday, March 14, 2014