Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Creepy Ghost Test

First Animation Assignment of the semester!!

The assignment was to create a moment with two characters in conversation.
And then something happens in the scene and there is a reaction to that something.

My character is a man and evil, extra evil, very evil Ghost!

This test need some more refinement but it was as far as I got by the due date.
I will have some time to polish this throughout the semester and the end of the semester.

So here's the playblast of what I have so far.
I still need to offset some parts and make some revision but! I like GHOST!!

But I usually don't like evil ghost, I like one like Caspar!

A Dream of mine

It's nothing art or animation related..

But It's been kinda my dream to play ocarina on a tree!!

Because that's what they do in Totoro!!!

They play ocarina under the moonlight!

Like this

Too bad it wasn't under the moonlight but I managed it!!!!!

Kiss me Por Favor

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Who Am I??

I am taking BFA for Animation/Illustration.
This is the class we take when we are graduating senior.
Since few years ago, the very first assignment of this class have been to make a introduction video of yourself.

It was pretty fun to see everyone's intro video.

Well I love musicals and I do minor in Musical Theatre.

So I just made a intro musical.

4 or 5 Miyukies singing at the same time... crazy!

Here is my intro video done in a week.

The numbers used in this video are

"Avenue Q Theme" from Avenue Q
"Life with Harold" from Full Monty
"the One Feather Tail of Miss Gertrude McFuzz" from Seussical

I changed the words to fit in this story of myself.
And I did sing this! Everyone thinks this isn't me singing this!
But It's ME!! haha

Well whoever doesn't know me. This is pretty much who I am.

No Robots

No Robots from YungHan Chang on Vimeo.

It is finally up online.
I worked on this film last summer.
Directed by Kimberly Knoll and 張永翰 Yunghan Chang.

I animated the almost 30 sec scene close to the end.