Wednesday, November 10, 2010

happy late halloween.

My dearest friends in Japan were wearing costume and got on a train on halloween day.

In Japan, Halloween is not that big event like in the U.S. But I love how they just do it.

They said they walked around Shibuya station and went to T.G.I Fridays and got some dinner.

They said people pretended like they are not looking at them.

I looooove Halloween! I wish the world turned into Halloween town.


I was doodling on scratch papers while I was waiting. really just doodles.

Figure drawing

I can only go to figure drawing once a week now.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Birthday, Clown and Zombies.

More 9 panel asaignment.

The first panel was provided for this one.. I think it is a bit weird. I had completely different idea. but after I opened photoshop, I had a vision of a guy coming out of nowhere like this. And it turned out really weird.

The middle panel was provided for this one. I don't think I should call this story board.Because the panel is not in usual order. Time looooop.

The latest one, It was assigned before Halloween. The first panel was provided for this one. One of my friend said the girl looks like my friend Michelle. so I just call her Michelle.
This is sort of inside joke. Since the three zombies looks like our faculties. I put one more faculty. I need John Clapp in here too, and maybe even Sheldon.