Thursday, April 12, 2012

Animation Marathon

I did this thing in the event called Animation Marathon which was run by an animator at AAU Ryo Wakasugi.

Here is the blog about it, though most of it in Japanese.

Animation Marathon

So, it's basically we decide a theme, which was "peeking" this time. and everyone has to do animation in 2 hours. Either 2D or 3D.

It's like a mini 11 second club.

It was fun doing it and just two hours of your day, you get some animation.

I sort of liked this test so I might go back in and fix it so that it's more like finished animation test.


Jeanie Chang said...

This is a really funny idea! I would love to see it finished. You might want to re-shoot/board out the zoom into the cup. It happened so fast I missed the joke the first time I watched it.

miyuki maruyama richardson said...

Haha, thanks, I did this in like 2 hours, so It might be fun to finish it up! Now I'm graduating I will have so much time :(