Sunday, March 6, 2011


Here is the wikipedia page of what it is.

I love them. Just because they are so funny and cool and just awsome!
They are like Japanese monsters.

So I decided to draw them and complete all of them from my book of Yokai.

There are almost 200 different kinds on this book, but it will be fun.

Amefuri Kozou
A boy who serves a god or spirit of Rain.

A woman with very very long neck.

Some kind of chunk of meat?


It comes out of mud. Usually they have 3 fingers and only one eye is open. Usually it is a old guy. but made it a kid, I like kids!!!

I think it's a hairy monster....

Most of Yokai is weird and some of them are actually joke and not really based on traditional monster. But who cares, I think they are lovely!

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